Lyndrick Collins was born in Warren, Arkansas on December 21.  Gifted with a boundless imagination and a taste for the extraordinary, he decided he wanted to be either a professional wrestler or a Superhero.  When visitors from the future didn’t seek his assistance to save the world on his 18th birthday, he decided to just go to college.

It was during this time that he started an Alternative rock band, and fell back into love with Professional wrestling, worked with a couple small pro wrestling companies, and forming the National Wrestling Grand Prix (NWGP).

Like the rekindling of most first loves, the re-union was short lived.  Lyndrick eventually found himself thrust back into the real world.  A place he would remain until 2011, when the bright lights of show business, once again found him.

Leaving to concentrate on writing and family life, he returned to the entertainment industry in 2011 with sound and production work on Men of our Word (2011), and acted in a 48 hour film festival classic The Fourth.

Over the next couple years Lyndrick took on the roles of Producer, Director, Screenwriter, and Editor in such works as Griffin and Gretchen, Popsicles in the Garage, Surridere  and acting in A Cold Day in Hell as the demented Axel.


2018 is poised to be another exciting year with the theatrical release of the action adventure dramedy Lyncredible.